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Autumn Leaves Accountancy

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10B Croydon Road
Croydon 3136
Tel 03 9876 6624

Autumn Leaves Accountancy

SMSF Audit

We provide independent audits for accountants, trustees and Super Fund Administration companies Australia wide.

Autumn Leaves Accountancy is registered under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). We ensure all funds meet the Australian Tax Office (ATO) guidelines in an effective and timely manner.

Our guarantee is to provide high quality, professional and timely services to our clients. This is because we believe our clients can trust us due to our years of experience in the Self-Managed Superannuation Fund industry.



Autumn Leaves Accountancy uses the latest technology in undertaking the audit of Funds.

Online SMSF Audit in a cloud-based audit program that enables us to efficiently undertake the audit. Once we have been appointed as auditor of the Fund, we will provide you with access to the program as accountant or trustee.

This will allow you to:-

  • Upload permanent and audit evidence documents that we require to undertake the audit;
  • Access audit reports completed by us using this system;
  • Reply to queries raised by us.

Click on Audit Portal Icon below to access the Online SMSF Audit website:

Autumn Leaves Icon Audit Portal.jpg

Information can be forwarded to us by email or to our PO Box. We can also establish a data transfer facility using Dropbox.


Office 5, Level 1

30-32 McAdam Square Croydon Hills Vic 3136

PO Box 4249 Ringwood Vic 3134

Ph: (03) 9876 6624

Email: info@autumnleavesaccountancy.com.au

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